Friday, May 21, 2010

May 10 Turkey Actions

Has been a tough past 4 days of turkey hunting with heavy rain on Saturday when I elected to hunt Mass. Had a Tom going the first 10 minutes but then it starting pouring and he disappeared. I got wet and no turkey. Sunday I hunted with a buddy in Vermont and stayed at his camp. The wind almost blew the roof off the camp. The wind blew hard into Sunday making for terrible conditions but we hiked looking for a bird. Finally headed back to camp and saw my sons truck parked and looked into the field and there was a Tom. Come to find out my son and grandson had him 20 yards from them but when my grandson went to move his barrel he was busted. Did hear of a local hunter that bagged a nice 21 pounder, his first bird ever. Lots of turkey hunting left with many hunters giving up and the woods will start to get quiet. Many hens have nested so the Toms are lonely.
Good luck.


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